Pregnant Through The Summer & How to Survive

Last summer was a SCORCHER… and this one is predicted to be the same, if not hotter. So… you’re counting the months on your fingers you’re realizing your tummy is going to be really big when the weather is really hot… don’t stress… here are some tips on how to make it through.

No. 1
Dehydration is a big no-no when you’re pregnant and your chances of becoming dehydrated in the summer are even higher, so tip #1 is to DRINK LOTS OF WATER! Start your day off every morning with a nice tall glass of water and carry a water bottle around, too!

No. 2
Your body is amazing and is working very hard through this pregnancy to grow a little baby! Allow yourself permission to take it slow and REST when you need to. Over-exhausting yourself (especially in the heat) is just a recipe for disaster.

No. 3
Wear clothes that are actually comfortable. Us women are notorious for clinging to “fashion over comfort”… but, in the dead of summer when you’re 7-9 months pregnant, just throw that little phrase out the window. Choose lots of loose cotton, linen, and even hemp clothing because they will help prevent you from over-heating and sweating so much.

No. 4
You know those little hand-held fans that they sell at the dollar store or in the dollar section at Target? Invest in a few of those. Or the legit old school ones as shown in the picture above. Just like chapstick, keep one for your purse, one for your car, and one for your house. Honestly, this tool will become your new best friend through your pregnant summer.

No. 5
Of course, I would advise this to anyone… but could you imagine having a terrible sunburn and trying to fall asleep at night WHILE being pregnant? Gosh, that just sounds awful. Save yourself the trauma and buy some sunscreen now.