There are a lot of myths around what you can and can’t do during pregnancy. And if you’re pregnant right now, you already probably know how many voices are suddenly chirping in to your personal life… (if not, you’re just lucky!)

Here’s a small list of myths that I hope I can debunk for you and encourage you with!

  • “You’re pregnant now… you really should take it slow with the exercising, don’t you think?”

Well… yes and no. It’s actually fantastic for you and for the baby if you can stay active during pregnancy! If you are having regular check ups with your provider and they are confirming that you are developing normally and healthily… keep at it! Of course, you DO want to avoid heights, chances of falling, exercising while on your back, and contact sports… but mostly other than that, feel free to move how you please!

  • “Eating for two?”

Girl… you know your relationship with food better than anyone. Choose what is going to ultimately make YOU happy. But this one counts as a “myth” because, no, you’re not “eating for two”. Yes you should up your intake of a few key nutrients (iron, protein, calcium, folic acid, omega-3, etc.)… but you don’t need to try and literally eat for two humans at every sit down meal. Your baby is growing, yes. But your baby is TINY! They don’t quite need as much nutrients as you do as a full grown adult!

  • “Wow, that pregnancy GLOW! You look great. You must feel great.”

Ha. ha.

No, you won’t always feel like you are “glowing”. A lot of the time you will feel tired and nauseous and in pain and grumpy. That’s OKAY. Give yourself the time and freedom to rest and remember that the “instagram pregnancy” isn’t real. Real life is morning sickness, evening sickness, pelvic pain, back pain, overheating, moving slowly… the list goes on. You’re not doing anything wrong by not living up to this MYTH.


Again… a bit of a myth. YES, you should cut your caffeine intake. Depending on how much you currently drink coffee or tea, the cut back may FEEL like you’re completely cutting it out of your life (sorry, friends). In reality, it’s advised that you just don’t have more than 200mg of caffeine per day during pregnancy. This is about one 12oz. cup of coffee!

  • “You know eating peanuts and dairy will give your kids allergies to them.”

Unless YOU are allergic to something, or your doctor advises you not to eat something, it’s safe to eat!

  • “It doesn’t really matter what goes on out here because the baby is safe away inside the womb!”

Here’s the truth: There is potential for everything the pregnant mother encounters to have an affect on the fetus. Because the baby is receiving nutrients and life from the placenta, and the placenta is directly connected to the mother’s blood stream… it is actually pretty easy for things from the outside world to travel into the growing space of the baby.

There are many more myths, and an endless amount of old-wives tales. Some are worth listening to… but some just aren’t. That’s why it’s so important to have a doula on your side who can help guide you when you’re feeling overwhelmed.