Prenatal Prep Call

45 min ~ 1 hour phone/video call

• discuss any questions, fears

and hopes about pregnancy and birth

• formulate your birth plan

• how to choose a provider

• what to bring to your birth

• how to build a birth team



Labor Support

• free initial consultation
• minimum 2 prenatal in home visits
• minimum 1 postpartum 
• 24/7 on call support 
• partner doula (ask about this)
• unlimited call / text / email support
• doula support through your labor and birth
• 20% off childbirth education classes
$900 - $1100

Childbirth Classes 

4 Week Series - Weekday Evenings - 2-3 hours

This is a four week series course covers everything from pregnancy tips and tricks to birthing your baby. It's a comprehensive course encouraging you to be prepared with helpful tools to utilize during labor. We explore the physiological changes of your body while simultaneously learning how to best cope with pain. And of course, we cover all things you need to know before bringing baby home. Whether you're birthing at home, at a birth center or at the hospital, this course is for you and your partner.
$350 per pregnant person (invite your support people!)

Weekend Day Class - 4-5 hours
The weekend class is condensed. We focus on partner communication, The Birth Process, pain management, postpartum and more. Adding more to your already full plate can be overwhelming. We believe childbirth education is so important so we offer this weekend class for the busy-bees of the world! Take one Saturday or Sunday to learn the basics before baby comes.
$200 per pregnant person (invite your support people!)

Personalized Class
Needs are different. I get that. If you sign up for a personalized class I will share with you my full list of topics for you to pick and choose the ones that speak to you!