Introducing Me!

Photo by Sam Bryant Photography

cue “Introducing Me” by Nick Jonas.
Hi again! I’m Veronica in case you didn’t already know. I love people and music (especially Taylor Swift, however, I’m also a classically trained singer and pianist!) and unforgettable moments (like that really embarrassing time I got super strong magnets stuck on my lips and my friend’s dad had to pull them off of me when I was 9 ?? builds character, right?).
I love that education brings POWER to people and people who are empowered do GOOD for themselves and those around them. That’s why I teach Childbirth Education courses, and in general strive to be the type of person who lifts others up instead of tearing them down.
I am getting so excited for this summer full of babies coming into the world, new families being formed, and for me to grow as a woman and a doula! This is the type of work that deepens your soul and fills your heart. I love what I do and can’t wait to work with you!

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Photo by Sam Bryant Photography.