Emotions & Covid-19

It’s been a few months now and we’re still all cooped up. Maybe you’ve gone for some walks and done some social distance dates with friends… but I’m guessing this was NOT what you were planning for when you found out you were pregnant. Whether you’re awaiting your baby’s arrival, or you’re already spending their first days of life at home… no-one expected this to be our reality.

The doctors don’t know much about the coronavirus and pregnancy yet. That makes it extra hard to deal with. Of course they tell us the basics: wash your hands, wear a face mask, don’t touch your face. But with a little one on the way, it’s hard not to let anxiety runneth over.

Fret not, my friend.

If you will, to the best of your ability today, do an exercise with me. Close your eyes. Imagine a time when you thought things wouldn’t work out (seriously, close your eyes and try).

… Now close your eyes again and remember back to the details of that crazy time somehow working out anyway. Maybe it wasn’t perfect. Maybe it wasn’t pretty. Maybe there are still residual pieces of it affecting your life today. But you’re in a better place now than back then. You’ve adapted. You’ve grown.

There aren’t answers.

There aren’t solutions. And in all honesty, life probably will never go back to the ‘normal’ we knew before. But try to remember. Dig deep to remember. Isn’t this unexpectedness of life, actually the most predictable thing? Isn’t it so typical for life to throw us curveballs?

Pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and parenting are no different. Each in their own way are filled with AFGO’s (another freakin’ growth opportunity). In almost every birth I’ve supported there has been a moment where mom and I lock eyes and without saying any words we say to each other, “well we didn’t exactly plan for this”. You can prepare to the best of your ability, but until you’re in the thick of it, you won’t know what you need to do. Usually, you don’t even realize the gravity of what you accomplished until it’s all over.

So right now – if you feel like you’re in the thick of it… it’s okay. You are. Just like in childbirth, there is a difference between pain and suffering. If you are in pain, you can typically continue to press on and manage on your own accord. If you are suffering, that is when extra support is usually needed. So do a little check in today. Are you in emotional pain or emotional suffering right now? Are you completely losing your mind and just need a friend to talk to? Call me. Text me. I’m here for you.

The most beautiful stories are written about great trials faced by normal people, who chose to step into courage and walk forward anyway…

Click HERE to read the latest CDC info on pregnancy and Covid-19.