Bringing Baby Home

So you’ve been pregnant for 9 months. You made it through birth (well done). And now you’re getting settled at home with your brand new baby.

Of course this was part of the plan the whole time, but it’s a little crazy and the reality is sinking in. This baby is a new member of the family, and is going to be sticking around. And they need a lot from you – everything, actually… they can’t even lift their little heads yet!

Luckily, you will get a chance to gradually figure all this parenting stuff out. The first few days will consist of lots of sleeping, snuggling, looking at all your baby’s little features, and feeding and cleaning poop.


Within the first day or two, your baby’s poop will be tar-like, black and sticky. This is called meconium.

By day 3-4 poops will become yellowish and potentially seedy in texture.

After that, depending on what baby is eating, their poops will differ.

Breastfed: yellowy, watery poop

Bottlefed: yellow-brownish, or green-brownish and buttery in texture.

Expect to be changing about 4 diapers per day by day 4.


You may have been told you won’t get any sleep once your baby arrives. This is half true!

Newborn babies actually sleep about 16-17 hours PER DAY! So that’s a lot. You will get a chance to sleep in this first brand-new-baby stage. The weird part is the schedule. Your baby might be sleeping a lot, but this means they’re waking up at random times for a feeding or in need of a changed diaper. But mostly, this stage isn’t too rough, and you should focus on your own body’s recovery while you can!


Let’s talk about our feelings shall we?

Sometimes we feel good, sometimes we feel bad and sometimes we feel nothing at all. Please don’t pressure yourself to feel a certain way when you bring your baby home. It is a BIG change and can cause a lot of different emotions to be happening all at once. Expect a variety, and be open-minded to whatever may come your way!


A lot of other people might be expecting to come and see your little baby since you’re home now! Remember that you should do what’s best for you. If you still need a little space, let your people know that. Maybe even leave a sign on the door for those guests who might just “pop on over for a minute”…

Hopefully you have people in your life who would love nothing more than to drop you off a meal, do your dishes, or even clean your house for you while you get settled in. But sometimes, people can be overwhelming and expect too much from new families. Listen to your mind and your body, and don’t be afraid to say no!


Bringing baby home is a little wild, but it’s going to be great. You can do this – and if you need help, it’s there for you. Your provider, doula, partner, family and friends all want to see you succeed, and you can and should reach out for whatever you need.